8 Tips to Improve English Grammar for Students

The standard of English Language is rapidly losing its original literary charm and elegance due to modern technology.  

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, take any social media platform. They have distorted the words and language in general.

Grammar is the backbone of any language. English has become a global language. To read, listen, speak, and write (these four features are essential for learning any language) you have to have strong base of grammar.

The role of English language in modern education has become very significant. Take any field- medicine, law, arts, commerce- English language has a vital role to play.

Here, we are sharing some helpful tips to improve english grammar:

1. Learn from basics. Try to learn new words each day and use them when you speak. Keep a notebook for new words. 

Actually, set a target to learn new words. Say monthly 30 words. 

At the end of the year you are learning 360 new words. Is not it amazing! This is minimum words, as you progress learn more and more words.  

2. Learning any grammar needs a lot of motivation and you have to stick to learning the new topics consistently.

3. One of the best ways, to improve grammar is to solve lot of exercises. 

For example, we will take, Noun- this itself is a vast topic. Kinds of noun, gender, number, subject-predicate, all these come under noun. 

This is a starting of grammar. After learning the topic try to revise each and every sentence, understand it and then solve the exercises.

4. To improve grammar you also have to start writing practice. 

Write whatever comes to your mind and thoughts, without taking anybody’s help. 

Ask someone who is proficient in English to correct them. 

This is a great way to improve your grammar.

5. Read out loud everyday at least five pages to begin with. 

Reading will help you in writing also and you will become fluent in sentence forming and vocabulary.

6. Listen to others- In English language pronunciation also play a vital role. 

Wrong pronunciation, and you become a person of jokes.

7. Be more careful about each grammar topic. Subject-verb agreement and tenses are very important so practice them more.

8. Always try to converse in English. 

Don’t hesitate or fell shy about it. This is a block and you will never learn anything.

Learning grammar is time taking process but then nothing come easy. You have to continuously devote time, motivate yourself and you will definitely find results.

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