Seekit Edge- Find Your Wallet without Going Through the Regular Rigmarole

Without your wallet you wouldn’t be able to make it through even the first half of your day. Whether it is your regular transportation fare to work or school or other small and big requirements that require money, your wallet is the key to all your credit/debit cards, important details and cash. Naturally, misplacing it means bringing the entire house down to find it but this doesn’t have to be so. 
If you have the Seekit Edge, the ultimate wallet finder by your side, you do not have to go through this rigmarole even if you do happen to be a person who doesn’t know where they last put their things. Here is a brief glimpse into what you need to know about this device if you are seriously considering going in for it.
Never be separated from your belongings again
The Seekit Edge does not only ensure your wallet is right within your grasp, it also makes it easy for you to find your bags and document folders easily. You can never be separated from these possessions owing to the separation indicator that instantly gives you an alert the moment your possession disconnects from the device.
It lets you be around your wallet
Thanks to the proximity guidance feature, you get to your possessions without wasting too much time. This is possible because of the wallet finder app that can be operated from your smartphone. It effectively guides you towards your valuables seamlessly.
Want to know where you last saw your wallet?
The last seen location feature takes you back to the last active location of your valuables and you might still find it there. You can use the last seen location feature through the Seekit app. During the times when you miss the separation indicator, this feature proves to be particularly useful.
Need help finding your wallet?
Sometimes, we just can’t do things on our own. You need the help of others to get you through the ordeal. This is where the crowd GPS feature comes into the picture. This feature utilizes the Seekit community of users to find your misplaced or lost belongings, making it actually quite easy to locate and find your missing wallet and other items.
Feel you are in any sort of danger?
If you are feeling particularly unsafe during that cab ride home or are walking down a dingy, narrow and dark road late at night, don’t sweat it. The SOS alerts on the Seekit Edge are there for your security and safety. All you need to do is press the Seekit button three times. This ensures your GPS location is sent to three of your near and dear ones, and they will know at all times where you are and come to your rescue.
Other than this, there is also the bi-directional tracking, voice alerts and the splash proof feature that prove to be equally effective. Other than this, there are multiple alert modes and a selfie button that makes it seamless to click quick and pretty selfies. All in all, the Seekit Edge has everything you will ever need in a wallet tracker and more, all you have to do is give it a try and you will come away impressed with its capabilities.

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