Hidden Tricks of Smartphone to make Your Life Easier

Whether you have just been introduced to the world of smartphones and are new to all of the features and facets or have been a smartphone user all your life but are not aware about the tricks your phone can do, we have some news for you. Do you know that there are a lot of cool but hidden tricks your smartphone can accomplish without you even realizing it? Well, if you didn’t, then we have some eye opening news for you. 

Here are a few hidden tricks you may or may not know about your smartphone but which can nevertheless make life easier.

Speed through your voicemail

Owing to Google Voice transcriptions, you do not have to go through all of your voicemails manually; Google Voice automatically converts your voicemails into Gmail emails or text messages. This ensures you can seamlessly read them later at a time that is convenient to you.

Disable the lock screen when at home

The big view display of your device can easily be unlocked with a PIN code or a fingerprint scan. However, this can end up being inconvenient when you are at home and out of reach from snooping eyes. If you want to access your apps freely without putting in your password when you are at home, Google’s Smart Lock feature helps you do away with this. Head to Settings and tap Security and then Smart Lock. You can also disable the screen when your phone’s Bluetooth is connected to a trusted device like in the case of your car stereo unit.

Make use of airplane mode

The airplane mode on your smartphone can be utilized in a variety of ways, especially during the times when you want to restore your network and save your battery life. If you are experiencing issues with your 3G/4G connections, you can switch your phone to airplane mode and your signal is likely to be restored. If you are running low on battery, you can put on airplane mode and charge your device. It is sure to charge more rapidly. 

Save time and check the weather

There are many pre-installed apps on devices today that ensure you can check out the weather forecast before heading out to work or any other activity. You can even display the weather report on your home screen to quickly check for updates. 

Get your lost notifications back

You should be proud that you own a phone with Gorilla glass after all, the urge to throw it away with frustration is high when you accidentally swipe and all your notifications disappear. If you seem to face a similar situation yourself, there is a way to bring back your lost notifications. If you want to review your recent notifications, tap and hold on an empty part of your home screen. When a screen adjusting mode pops up, choose widgets and find the Settings shortcut. Drag it to an empty space on one of your home screens and drop it there. A list will automatically pop up. Choose Notification log from the list and tap the icon. You can then open up the notification history of your device.

Make images and text more visible

Tired of squinting to check out what is on your screen so much so that you spend most of your time zooming in and out of it to see text and objects? Well, not many people are aware about this but you can change size settings by heading to Settings, Display heading and change the Font size option to make on screen text and image appear smaller or bigger.  

The built-in scanner

Did you know you do not have to use a large, bulky scanner to scan documents and pictures? Yes, your smartphone can even act as a scanner and the best part is it is easy to carry it with you wherever you go. Head to the Google Drive app and select the folder you want to save your scanned documents to. Then press the ‘+’ on the bottom right and choose ‘scan’. Make use of a contrasting background to make it seamless for your device to recognize the edges of your document. 

A slideshow that results in a GIF

You can use the cool tricks in the edit section of your photos to make your very own GIFs. You can combine a number of photos to make them into a repeating slideshow. You can find the ‘create GIF’ option on your phone and then select the photos you want to use. 

In this way, you can use your device for a variety of features and functions you never even thought you could use them in. You can also use it to sort out your Google account, master transfer tools, transferring SMS and call logs and picking the best Android keyboard. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play around with your device and find out how you can use these tips and tricks to your best advantage when you are using your smartphone. It will surely prove to be handy in more than one way. 

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