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18th September 2014
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Fraud Swami Nithyananda Involved in Sex Scandal -Youtube Video

by Ankit pandey

in News

Famous and So called Saint Nityananda caught few days back for his involvement in one of the biggest sex scandal in India. This 32 year old Swami Nityananda is involved in sex scandal.

His CD was exposed by a Tamil News Channel Last night and after that his followers are shocked and very angry with Baba. In Video you can see few intimate scenes with an Tamil Actress. grey Fraud Swami Nithyananda Involved in Sex Scandal  Youtube Video

Here is the full video of youtube about this Scandal.

Article by Ankit pandey

Post Written by Ankit Pandey, Who work for Wisden Writers ( Content Writing and Web Development Company ). He writes about Health Tech, entertainment and Travel. You can contact him at

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All these babas and sudhus are making fool to peple in the name of religion. they are doing henious thing......


ye baba ek kutta chap baba hai......... baba ko shaadi karna chahie aur math chod dena chahi ye


is baba ki maa ko lake isi tarah uske samne ........karna chahiye

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